Peace out, Peace Corps

I am leaving the Peace Corps. I am leaving Morocco. I am leaving people I love and respect.

This morning, before my last taxi trip to Meknes from Sidi Slimane, I said goodbye to my host mom, mama naima. We hugged and we both cried and she kept mumbling, “Jed eh Jed,” under her breath. This woman, who took in a stranger and treated him like her own son, defines Morocco for me. To her, I send my love.

A little bit after, slightly unprepared, I received the news I would be leaving immediately. There would be no time to say proper goodbyes to friends made in such a pressurized environment and no time to think just a little bit more. All in a rush I found myself hugging some of the greatest and most giving souls this world has to offer. From my CBT group and LCF (you know who you are, yah bunch of trash babies) to the other amazing Trainees, I found people that share a passion in better understanding the world and the people around them. To all of you, I say good luck and have the best of services!

In all honesty, there is only one reason why I am leaving. No matter how much Morocco has come to mean to me in these past two and a half months, I feel there is another path that I need to follow. I know I would have been able to serve for the two years in Errachidia. Those two years, though, would have resulted in a superficial service. Instead, I believe I need to pursue other opportunities at this time in my life. Call it selfishness, but I could not in good conscience only give half of myself to my community. To them, I apologize. I only met a few of you, but I will forever be grateful that you welcomed me with open arms.

This was a difficult decision. No, not difficult. The decision was right. It is the goodbyes that are difficult like a gut-wrenching sadness. Here I am in a car on my way to Rabat. And I know this is right, but I still feel that dense weight of saying goodbye to so many wonderful and courageous people. So to all of them I say, goodbye, wonderful people.

Keep on keeping on,



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